Barrier1 Routing Spec.

Barrier1 Routing Spec
IP Address Managemnt Static, DHCP Server,DHCP Client DHCP Relay,Dynamic DNS,DNS Forwarding DHCPv6 Servier, DHCPv6 Client, DHCPv6 Relay
Encapsulations Ethernet, 802.1QVLan, PPP PPPoE, IP in IP,Frame Relay MLPPP,HDLC,GRE
Firewall Zone - Based,P2P,Stateful Inpsection PTv6 Firewalling, Time-based Frewall Rules,Rate Limiting ICMP type Filtering,stateful Failover
Tunneling/VPN Remote IPSec,PPTP,L2TP,SSL-VPN,site to Site Layer 2 Bridging over GRE Layer 2 Bridging over SSL-VPN,TLS
Additional Security NAT,IDS/IDP,Web Content Filtering, Web Application Firewall, AV,AS,.NAC,SIEM,LogAnalysis Des, #DES,AES Encryption,MD5 and SHA-1Authentication,RSA,Diffie Helman Key Mgmt NAT Traversal, Role based Access control
WAN/LAN Device Drivers AMD 10/1000, Gbps,Coper,Fiber Drivers in 2.6 Linux Kernel Sync.Serial
Performance Optimization Load Balancing WebCaching,Thernet Link Bonding MLPPP,ECMP,Bandwidth mgmt.
QoS Policies Priority Queuin,Network emulator Class based Queuing VLAN Tag,IPv6 Address,Port Mirroring,Virtual IP by interface
High Availability Stateful Fierwall,Multiple DMZ,HA Clustering,NAT,Auto Failover RaId, Configuration Replication,Traffic Shaping
Administration and Authenticatioin CLI,Web GUI,Telnet,SSH/SSH Public Key Binary Image Install RADIUS,TACACS+,LDAP
Diagnostics & Logging TCPdump,Wireshark Packet Capture,BGP MD5 Netflows Flow,LLDP,Loopback Acommands Syslog,SNMPv2,SNMP for IPv6