Barrier1, the leader in Intelligent Threat Management, announces additional BYOD (bring your own device) functionality to is 1:1 complete security suite.  

The driving desire for mobility and the popularity of these devices, such as Apple IPads, Android Tablets, and Smartphone, allow access to data anywhere in the world at any time brings on a new set of security threats. The threats include standard virus and malware issues to malicious components embedded in applications residing on App. Stores, loss of identity, data loss, new attacks and security holes that have not yet been uncovered. In addition, these devices may allow access to inappropriate content that was once blocked by the corporate or school web content filtering devices and now violate the corporate, school, or public use policies.

Barrier1 BYOD applications will protect users regardless of were you gain access. You can be using a WI-FI connection and all mobile traffic will be directed back to the corporate, school, office, or home Barrier1 Intelligent Threat Management System. At that point your mobile devices are now securing the access, inspecting downloaded apps. for viruses, and enforcing a safe search user experience.  Network Administrators benefit from an easy to install and maintain security component that will maintain network integrity and visibility.  

Barrier1 launched a platform that inspects All seven OSI layers in near real-time from any IP devices, using intelligence over five years ago. While traditional approaches were concerned with just the edge or gateway, Barrier1 was inspecting all IP devices, and using its patent-pending intelligent “AARE engine” to go beyond list-based methods.  

Barrier1 complete NAC and 1:1 complete closes another possible entry point into enterprise networks.  In today’s world, manufacturers should be able to stop the known attacks; it is the unknown, mutated, or never-before-seen that is difficult.  Barrier1 has a five year history of accurately identifying and blocking newly launched attacks that everyone else misses.