pBarrier1 Cloud

Utilizing a cloud infrastructure brings some advantages in terms of space, bandwidth, redundancy, and etc. In addition to the infrastructure play there are a growing number of application-based solutions in a SAS model. 

As a cloud provider you share some of the same risks that any network provider is faced with. Barrier1 delivers its patented Intelligent Threat Management in real-time solution for the VM world as well. By having visibility and utilizing intelligence in real-time, Barrier1 solves the problems in the cloud and upcoming problems that are just now being identified. All in a affordable method.

Barrier1 solves these and more for cloud operators

  • DDoS including timing and threshold style attacks, malware, APT’s, bots, virus, phishing attacks, application layer attacks, Blue Pill, Subvert, to name a few.
  • Side channel timing,
  • Data loss prevention
  • Identifying insiders and cyber criminals via horizontal and vertical network movement.
  • Traffic hijacking and eaves dropping
  • Stealing credentials, inspection of all seven OSI layers including HTTPS, various encryption proper use and abuse
  • And shared vulnerabilities