Barrier1 Clientless and CLienT NAC delivers

  • Enhanced security policies to clients
    • No client software to configure, install and maintain.
    • Ensure that only those machines with proper security components and protections are allowed, including guest access
  • Identify who is using network resources
    • Visiblity to roaming computers
  • Police network traffic
    • Ensure only authorized users are allowed on the network
    •  Automatically enforces client‘s devices for policy enforcement
    •  Asset identity tool
    •  Automatically check for key components and if they are installed andoperational
  • O/S patch
  • Firewall status
  • AV status and updated
  • Strengthen wireless entry points
    • Isolates or quarantinesthose clients that are not compliant
    • Completes the DLP requirements
  • Integrates and feeds information to Barrier1's AARE learning engine.
  • Requires run time Java