Integrated Intelligent Platform

  • Yes

Concurrent Sessions

  • Up to 30,000+ concurrent sessions, however based on Barrier1 platform being used


  • AD, LDAP, Windows domain, radius, local user ID and password

User Credential Caching

  • Current session

Cookie Handling

  • Yes

Application Support

  • HTTP – HTTPS redirect
  • Active x, HTML, Java Applet, Java Script
  • Web e-mail, Outlook, and Web Email
  • Client Server email - Microsoft Outlook, SMTPS
  • Terminal Services - Microsoft Terminal services
  • Terminal emulation - SSH, Telnet, Client OS, Linux, Microsoft


  • Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

File Sharing

  • FTP, MFS

Client or Web Browser

  • Both

Access Control

  • Group membership
  • User’s role, LDAP, various types of services per individual or groups, time and Date access, source and destination addressing/ports
  • Access determined by results of client

Access Types

  • Wireless LANs, Smartphones, Blackberry, anything supporting Java (clientless), SSL Tunneling, port forwarding, network extension

 Protocols Supported

  • TCP, UDP, Dynamic TCP, 250+ in total    

Client Side Integrity Checks

  • Executed based on functionality of the client being used.

Two Factor Sign on

  • Yes