Case Studies

Is Cloud Computing Really Secure?


ASIC vs Standard Processing Chips


Regional Bank Chain

A regional bank with over 20 locations chose Barrier1 after an exhaustive evaluation process.

Multi-National Corporation

The company was unhappy with their current security appliance, and after evaluating many proposals, they installed Barrier1 which immediately stopped several high-priority blended threats.

Public School District

A school district running a patchwork security network installed the Barrier1 appliance and immediately secured IM, IP video, e-mail and much more.

Large Midwest County

After being hit with a rootkit, this county installed a Barrier1 device to identify and stop advanced threats, and ultimately replace the other point solutions.

Regional Bank

The Barrier Group installed a single Barrier1 appliance with a regional bank. It immediately began securing the bank's network and provided valuable reports on what type of traffic the bank was receiving.