Electric Utility Complex

Cyber criminals target the electric utility and industrial control complexes to steal, extort and destroy its intellectual property. Foreign nations as well as individuals, have learned how to compromise and de-stabilize the entire power grid infrastructure where SCADA protocols once were thought to be unbreakable. 

Barrier1 has added the SCADA protocols to its entire product line. This addition delivers real-time Intelligent Threat Management and its learning ability at the point of impact. That means Barrier1 will identify and block cyber-attacks at all key locations within an entire utility infrastructure. 

Barrier1 Key Elements:

  • Protects both IP and SCADA-based networks and infrastructure.
  • Inspects, monitors, blocks, and uses 1000 existing log formats as part of the sensor network.
  • Delivers real-time Intelligent Threat Management® at the point of impact and anywhere in the system.
  • Automated updates delivered to all Barrier1 appliances from newly discovered cyber vectors within 15 minutes of identifying them.
  • Automated alerts sent to our command center admin. via SMS and cell per customer requirements.
  • Automated update of new found cyber-attacks to all devices

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