In every case today's cyber criminals are scanning and learning what you have in place. Then when they learn what you have, they figure out how to get around you. They have automated this process and it takes only seconds today. In the near future, that will be millisecond. 

Second, cyber-attacks are now a process. They can lay dormant and then move horizontal to other servers, other locations within you network. Thus avoiding being caught.  

Sandboxing, NGFW, and UTM were not designed to inspect, learn, analyze, predict, and react to all 7 OSI layers and data traffic in real-time at the point of impact.

The point of impact is really placing the Intelligence at the best place to stop cyber activity at microsecond speeds. Sandboxing takes hours and probably is connected to the cloud somewhere. So, what about man In the middle attacks?

Barrier1 solves those problems.