Federal, state, county and city government entities not only provide local services but have a vast amount of information that can be a high target area for cyber criminals.  In addition to accessing personal and demographic data, ease of access to information such as court records, census data and property assessments, and in some cases control of infrastructure such as electric and water utilities, increases the risk of cyber breaches. 

Barrier1 provides Government networks with:

  • Instant and up to date accessibility by the vast number of department needs – on the network or remote - in real-time. 
  • Protection against all known and never-before-seen malware – APT’s, bots, viruses, phishing, application attacks, SQL injection, brute force, DDOS, and others that require intelligence in real-time.
  • An affordable way to identify, analyze, alert and block – all in real-time – cyber threats and does so effectively and accurately. 

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