With HIPAA and the need for patient privacy at its core, network security is imperative for all of healthcare. Accessing information through many different points by healthcare employees, PHPs, insurance company representatives and even patients themselves,  creates multiple opportunities for real-time Intelligent Threat Management to provide effective, accurate and fast identification of all cyber threats – all versions of the known and the unknown. 
Barrier1 Real-Time Intelligent Threat Management® and its AARE Platform:

  • Inspects all traffic, traffic types, content and data flow, providing the most effective and accurate approach to stopping malware, viruses, bots, DDoS and APT’s.
  • Analyzes in real-time, the entire data flow to find the various attributes associated with threats, then uses this information in the proprietary AARE data analytic engine to react and protect the network, while learning and remembering the threat to be ready for the next cyber-attack.
  • Delivers intelligent inspection in real-time, regardless of the network topology, and uses multiple methods for authentication

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