Case Study: Multi-National Corporation

The organization in question was a mid sized multi-national corporation located in the Midwest with over 3,000 users. The network in question was protected by an Astaro UTM appliance. They had gone to great expense to secure the network.

The customer had two overriding issues that were of great concern. First, they had great concern over the Astor product's ability to stop blended threats. Second, the level of service they had received from the vendor and its representative was perceived as insufficient.

The organization solicited proposals from a number of comprehensive network security manufacturers, including The Barrier Group.

In reviewing and analyzing those proposals, only The Barrier Group and its Barrier1 appliance clearly met the expected levels of service and support as well as the required depth and breadth of functionality. In fact, the customer discovered a number of the competing proposals contained additional service costs that had not been clearly stated.

The customer decided to test Barrier1 for 12 days. The appliance was installed in the network behind the Astaro appliance. At the end of the test period, Barrier1 caught and stopped two blended threat attacks. Without Barrier1, the network would have been compromised.

After the 12-day trial period, the customer purchased Barrier1 with the IDS/IDP, anti-spam, antivirus and firewall modules. The appliance has been running for over a year and the customer has renewed their software subscription with The Barrier Group.