KSTP TV Features Barrier1 "Minn. Company selected to Cyber Security Team"  

I want my Barrier1 back! During the time our Barrier1 was down, the backup vendor was not able to stop several cyber attacks. We seldom have a hit like this with Barrier1. Glad to say our Barrier1 is back up and running so that I can sleep tonight.
— IT Director, Gogebic County, MI
A series of Malware from one of the large companies was getting through our cyber security platform. We took Barrier1 up on their offer to sit behind what we had in place. Barrier1 was able to quickly identify CnC when the other one couldn’t.
— Cyber Security Group, Large Regional Hospital
Barrier1 analyzed over 24 million cyber events, including 600,000 never-before-seen, all at 10 Gigs.
— Cyber Security Team, Super Bowl 50
I knew there was a problem but could not find it. We put in Barrier1 and found the problem immediately.
— Cyber Security, Large Midwest Ski Resort