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April 19, 2016

Barrier1 Announces 10G Platform to Ensure Faster Cybersecurity in Real-Time

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Barrier1® announced today its 10G Fiber Platform capability in its ongoing commitment to staying ahead of rapidly changing cyber threats on the internet. The Intelligence® and DDoS® technology, along with the unique system architecture allows Barrier1 to analyze, inspect and react to threats in real-time, all at 10G speeds that cyber criminals are already using today.

According to Jim Libersky, President of Barrier1, “Internet speeds are increasing all the time and with over an estimated 150,000 new Malware versions being released every day, network security tactics can no longer rely on the archaic methods of analyzing, identifying and removing threats in use today by many providers, especially when the cyber criminals are operating at 10G or faster.”

Consider that in today’s technology, 10 gigabytes of data usage for Smartphones occurs in one second. That compares to downloading 10 mb of videos, photos or business documents, in one second. Now think about defending against Malware at speeds of 10G.

Unfortunately, many recognizable companies provide cyber security protocol that continue to use outdated threat management tactics such as Sandboxing, which takes at least two hours to inspect, analyze, update and react to cyber threats. Considered fast a few years ago, in a 10G world that is no longer a viable option.

And Barrier1 has the experience to back it up. Barrier1 recently provided threat assessment, real-time protection and cyberattack expertise for threats at Super Bowl 50 as a member of their Cyber Security Team where the Barrier1 10G platform inspected wired and wireless networks in one of the most technically advanced arenas in North America.

Added Libersky, “Barrier1 proved to be superior in that we had zero false positives after a thorough period of base aligning, until and during the Super Bowl, all in real-time.”

Barrier1 is a true cyber security partner for any company, school system or public entity.


February 9, 2016

Barrier1 Selected to Cyber Security Team for Super Bowl 50

Santa Clara, CA. February 7, 2016 - Barrier1®, the integrated cyber security firm based in Minneapolis, is proud to be selected as a member of the Operation Center COM-L team for the Super Bowl 50, providing threat assessment, real-time protection and cyberattack expertise for threats most football fans will never see at the most technologically advanced stadium ever to host the game.

Led by the FBI’s San Francisco Division and several federal agencies, and teams from Northern California Regional Intelligence Center and City of Santa Clara, Barrier1 experts will help identify hackers and cyberattacks for everything from stealing personal information to controlling Wi-Fi and internet access, to all the computer systems that keep the game and its production on schedule.

Apart from other companies providing security threat products, Barrier1 brings its patented ability to analyze traffic on all seven OSI layers to identify the known and unknown threats, and fends off probes and potential attacks at the point of impact, all in real-time.

“We were brought in because of our accuracy in discovering never-before-seen cyber threats ahead of others”, said James Libersky, President of The Barrier Group. “By incorporating Barrier1 patented real-time Intelligent Threat Management® (ITM), we are able to not only identify and stop all forms of cyberattacks in real-time, but also learn from them so we are ready for the variants that will follow.”

In addition to Mr. Libersky’s expertise, other members of the Barrier1 team include Robert Demopoulos, Senior Vice President of technology and inventor of the patented Real-time ITM technology.

“Our state-of-the-art technology is well ahead of the rest of the industry, and continues to demonstrate its accuracy in finding the threats other have missed,” says Demopoulos. “Because of its effectiveness we consistently disable serious threats and minimize breaches for those we work with ensuring their security profile is always immediately current and protecting the network environment.”

Members of the Barrier1 team will remain on-site throughout the Super Bowl 50 and help ensure the game and all those attending will remain cyber safe and the fan experience for the event exceeds expectations.


 May 21, 2015

Barrier1 Issued Patent for Internet Security Technology to Stop DDoS

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Barrier1® announced today the issuance by the US Patent Office of a patent, No. 5055.02US02, that covers the internet technology used to identify and stop distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) threats in real-time which have recently scaled in speed, size, and sheer number of attacks worldwide.

A distributed denial-of-service attack occurs when multiple systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system, usually one or more web servers. Such an attack is often the result of multiple compromised systems flooding the targeted system with traffic. When a server is overloaded with connections, new connections can no longer be accepted, resulting in a temporary or indefinite interruption or suspension of services of the targeted host website.

Perpetrators of DDoS attacks typically target sites or services hosted on high-profile web servers such as banks, credit card payment gateways, education systems and utilities, as well as root name servers.

“DDoS is now an integral part of today’s cyber-attacks,” said James Libersky, President, The Barrier Group. “By incorporating Barrier1 patented real-time Intelligent Threat Management® (ITM) and the DDoS patented engine, we are able to not only identify and stop all forms of denial-of-service attacks in real-time, but also learn from them so we are ready for the variants that will follow,” he added.

As of 2014[update], the frequency of recognized DDoS attacks had reached an average rate of 28 per hour1  increasing the vulnerability of computer systems and networks and costing organizations an average of $40,000 to “clean-up”.2

“This patented approach goes well beyond the threshold-based engines and data bases of today,” said Ron Johnson, Director of Marketing for Barrier1, “and is available for VM, Cloud and server platforms of all sizes and performance levels, making Barrier1’s real-time Intelligent Threat Management the next generation in cyber security.”

The patent comes on the heels of SC Magazine awarding Barrier1 for its 2014 Hall of Fame award for Industry Innovators for Perimeter Security. This is the third year in a row Barrier1 has received this award and its second patent for internet security technology.


  April 14, 2015

Barrier1® Named to SC Magazine Innovation Hall of Fame

INNEAPOLIS, April 14, 2015/Business Wire/ - Barrier1® was named to SC Magazine’s Hall of Fame for Industry Innovators for Perimeter Security, based on its consistent attention to quality and innovation three years in a row. The SC Magazine Hall of Famers are uniquely evaluated on how well they are addressing new and evolving cyber threats in creative, effective ways, how well they are keeping pace with, or moving ahead of technical challenges, and how well they are dealing with market trends, in the security environment.

SC Labs team looks for companies that produce products and services designed to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing security environment. Companies that can effectively address the ever evolving “threat scape” is, according to SC Magazine, “one thing that makes Hall of Fame members so extraordinary”.

What sets Barrier1 apart from other companies providing security threat products is its ability to analyze traffic on all seven OSI layers. With its customizable modularity and its patented Intelligent Threat Management® sensor technology, Barrier1 analyzes all traffic, identifies the known and unknown threats, and fends off probes and potential attacks at the point of impact, all in real-time. 

Weekly headlines about major corporate systems being hacked, resulting in millions of customer records being compromised, in spite of protection by well-known security companies, the threat assessment status quo is clearly outdated. Barrier1 continues to demonstrate its superior solution as a security appliance, customizable for multiple industries and situations. 

With more than a five year track record of protecting systems and eliminating threats in real-time, Barrier1’s has clearly perfected the art of Real Time Data Analytics and Intelligence in an industry that invests almost $20 billion every year on network security.