Case Study: Public School District

The large public school system is located in a large metropolitan suburb. The district had 9,000 students spread across 13 campuses with more than 4,000 Windows and Macintosh computers.

The IT manager for the school district was not happy with the patchwork approach to network security that was in place. The system had a number of problems and subscriptions were coming due for the multiple products it was using. In addition, network connections were lost whenever the network crashed, and the existing spam filter, while effective, did not have adequate service or support from the manufacturer to meet the needs of the district. In addition, the district had installed IP video security systems to monitor and protect the students, but that system in and of itself, was not secure resulting in a vulnerability their vendors were unable to address.

The security model in place also included an aging firewall by a leading manufacturer, content filtering by another vendor and antispam by yet another. The district was also using two proxy servers, further complicating the lack of coordination within its security plan.

After meeting with the Barrier1 team, the IT staff decided to install Barrier1 for a 60-day complimentary trial to test and identify existing vulnerabilities. The district decided upon a configuration that included content filtering, intrusion protection and antispam, all coordinated through its Intelligent Threat Management technology and ensure collaborative communication across service providers.

The district noted immediate, real-time protection. One IT professional remarked, “Nothing else we looked at came close to the effectiveness, flexibility and the price, so the decision to purchase Barrier1 was a logical one.”

To date, Barrier1 has been protecting the district network for over a year without any problems or service concerns. As a result, the district discontinued their previous antivirus product and fully engaged Barrier1’s antivirus technology to further protect instant messaging, P2P and IP video for multiple locations and access points throughout their buildings and campuses, as well as all its network routers and switches.

Barrier1 Scorecard

Results after the first Six Months of Monitoring:

Number of Viruses Stopped 21,977
Blocked Attacks 384,169
E-mail Identified as Spam 252,181
E-mail Effectiveness 99.96%

An additional outcome also was noted that, while in operation at the district, Barrier1 identified an attack by an unseen variant from a compromised server at a major national university. Barrier1 blocked the attack and within microseconds automatically alerted the administrator and Barrier1’s service team. Barrier1 technicians wrote a definition within 90 minutes while the remainder of the IT security community did not have a signature for almost 20 hours.

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