Case Study: Regional Bank Chain

United Bancorporation controls 20 banks throughout Wisconsin. Sam Soper, CIO, was dissatisfied with the existing setup of nationally branded point solutions that had been combined over time to create the chain’s network security profile. Mr. Soper wanted a fully integrated solution that would address the needs of all 20 locations.

Mr. Soper said,

“I used to address security, much like everyone else had to address it; which was simply to ensure you meet an acceptable firewall, a form of IDS/IPS, DMZ and VPN standards. At that time, it was an acceptable limitation within the industry. However, we all knew the additional need for audit log consolidation, automated exception response and reporting, anomaly detection, and much more — basically, a more intelligent security environment. We simply accepted the current limitations and supplemented it with a “tool belt” of third party products and applications.”

He was concerned with effectiveness, price and service, but was primary looking to avoid the status quo — he wanted the next generation in network security. After an exhaustive, three-month period of research of 126 possible solutions, he chose Barrier1.

“I did believe the day would come when a quality vendor would address all requirements to meet growing compliance needs and security threats in an intelligent environment, while maintaining industry open source technology. I evaluated my top ten choices, tested my top three, and ultimately chose Barrier1, which did not present any limitations to our network design or growth.”

The result is that Bancorp is securing all 20 banks with Barrier1 appliances armed with a full complement of security technologies, including advanced reporting, which will meet the bank’s compliance requirements.

“The Barrier1 appliance has pleasantly surprised me with continued growth capabilities, such as the latest in secure remote access,” Mr. Soper continued. “Once again, success is proven to be far better than good — I may never have bumped into these incredible people. Thank you for that opportunity.”