The Next Generation: Real-Time Intelligent Threat Management®

A new generation of sophisticated, multi-vector analysis with instantaneous reaction and defensive capabilities is needed. A comprehensive network security solution that are able to analyze the entire network, recognize known AND unknown threats, and react to and remember those threats in real-time must be the required protocol for an effective, accurate and affordable cyber security strategy today.

Real-Time Intelligent Threat Management® (ITM) is the heart of every Barrier1™ appliance and brings together these leading edge technologies into one solution. With its patented Automated Threat Management® (ATM) and Advanced Analytical Reactive Engine® (AARE), Barrier1 resides at the customer site analyzing critical information gathered at various points in the network, including data from third-party routers and switches, to ensure the broad spectrum of threats attempting to get in, are not allowed. Barrier1 uses multiple on-board security technologies to monitor, analyze and defend the network simultaneously protecting against:

  • Malware
  • APT's
  • DDoS
  • ZeroDay
  • Bots
  • Application Based Attacks such as SQL injection, cross site
  • Virus
  • Trojans
  • Spam
  • Exfiltration
  • Polymorphic style attacks

Barrier1 virtualizes network security by monitoring 736 different log formats so virtually any intrusion, attack or theft (IAT) attempting to compromise the network is detected and stopped in less than 12 microseconds. The IAT can be external, internal, or both. It can be spam, web content, or a virus; it could be a true attempt to break in and steal confidential data from the organization, or just an infected laptop on the network. Barrier1’s patented AARE software holistically and intelligently identifies, analyzes, predicts, learns and reacts to stop all known and never-before-seen, mutated, and polymorphic attacks that everyone else misses. All in real-time.

A Total Security Solution

Identify, Analyze, Predict, Learn and React – all in Real-time

Effective: To truly be protected systems need inspection and visibility into all seven OSI layers so modifications, vulnerabilities and changes in the data stream are intercepted. Barrier1™ with its Intelligent Threat Management inspects all OSI layers, providing tenacious security, real-time threat management and competitive advantage.

Accurate: Barrier1's Advanced Analysis Reaction Engine software holistically inspects and analyzes all network security components and in near real-time, correlates and interprets data received from these technologies. This gives Barrier1 the ability to inspect all seven OSI layers in total. Barrier1 has been tested against every competitor and the US Army Cyber Security Unit, and in every case documented evidence supports Barrier1 as far superior in effectiveness and accuracy. (Case studies available.)

Fast: Barrier1 was designed to take advantage of today’s multi-core processors with superfast clocks. However, Barrer1 has taken it to the next level by optimizing the system architecture for faster, efficient use. Barrier1 introduces only 12.7 microseconds delay which not only provides a fast and safe user experience, it allows additional software components on the same machine at the same speeds. This gives you added advantage of being “green” because Barrier1 will reduce your power consumption while integrating your applications.

Affordable: Return on investment plays a crucial role in any IT security strategy. ROI analysis includes leveraging past investments with future investments. Additionally, available services and the ongoing operating costs of annual licensing agreements and annual support contracts all must be considered. Barrier1 utilizes a flat rate pricing model to ensure you will never be billed on a per seat basis. Plus, hardware and software maintenance, and monitoring and tech support are all included. Security applications are sold as complete and independent solutions.